Bendy Packer 200-250 x 1.0m


The unique construction of SAVA HP-T90° packers allow efficient repairs of 45°, 60° and 90° pipeline bends. The rigid parts of SAVA packers HP-90° are made as short as possible in order to ease insertion and pulling the packers through pipeline bends.

Features: suitable for pipe repairs at angles 45-90 degrees, special inflation process, push hose inside packer.

Inflation Controller 2.5 Bar


Preset Inflation controller 2.5 Bar with pressure relief valve, shut off valve and quick release couplings for inflation of SAVA packers.

Lateral Packer 70-100 x 1.0m


Sava lateral packers are suitable for repair of smaller diameter pipes, especially house connections. The packers are rounded on both ends in order to simplify handling and insertion.

Features: quick-action couplings, highly flexible, non-corrosive metal parts, lightweight, flexible.

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